tell the whole story."
"Numbers don't
"Visuals are essential to
"Finding and combining data
takes too long."
is a snap."
"I can’t
"I can
be everywhere to find opportunities others might miss."
"Info is
incomplete or out-of-date."
complete and up-to-date."
"I don't
see all the info I need."

Real brand insight and real results – in real time.
In store for you with storeFlix.

You can’t optimize until you opt for the whole picture.

You’re a loooong way from all the places your brands meet, greet and
engage with customers. And yet you’re still responsible for
how you come across to the world.

You need to see...

how your brands look and live out there. Numbers alone don't tell the whole story - a picture (or video) is truly worth
a thousand data points.

You need to find...

these pictures and data quickly.
They can be scattered, fragmented and incomplete – or entirely unavailable.

You need to perform...

with a combination of insight and action. Executed in meaningful ways,
and the faster the better.

Getting this kind of scope on your brands has been arduous and time consuming: NOT available in real time and never as robust and responsive as you would like. Or might have ever imagined it could be.
Until now...

The storeFlix Solution

This is where we come into the picture – and you get
the visual insight and control you deserve.

Designed from the ground-up,
mobile devices capture and
deliver multimedia information:
pictures, videos, survey data and more.

These Media Packets
are automatically geo-tagged
with retail location and
important details.

Search, analysis and collaborative tools
let you act immediately and
share easily with anyone.
Real eyes on your business in real time.

The storeFlix Process

Fast and powerful, our solution is also ridiculously easy.


Gather visuals and data using a mobile device and the storeFlix app.


All information is available within seconds.


Simple tools for sharing everything with individuals or whole teams.


Quickly identify opportunities, track progress in real-time and drive results.

Pictures tell the whole story.
But our clients tell our favorite ones.

  • " I don’t know if your company offers this concierge-level of service to all your customers
    but we are absolutely thrilled. Responsive, knowledgeable, collaborative,
    our storeFlix account manager has become a trusted part of our team."

    Ken Monfredi
    VP Retail Services, Louis F. Leeper Co.

  • "We heard promises and claims from a lot of software companies,
    but with storeFlix we know the team and technology will actually deliver.
    They follow-through with a proven commitment we know we can trust."

    Bob Weinmann
    VP Marketing, RDD Associates

  • "Collecting information doesn’t mean we have to become box checkers
    or spend valuable time in the stores trying to manage difficult software.
    storeFlix makes it simple."

    Taylor Osborne
    Account Executive, D&H Marketing

Real brand insight and real results – in real time.
In store for you with storeFlix.